About Zambelli Handpan
A crystalline and melodic sound.

The handpan was born in Switzerland in 2000, made by masters of Steel pan, it is an evolution of this already known instrument also called steel drum (Percussion instrument originally from Trinidad, obtained from old metal drums suitably modified with cavities of various sizes that played with special sticks it produces different sounds depending on the cavity struck).
Zambelli Handpan was born from the desire to create a particular type of Handpan that differs (for materials, manufacturing technique and aesthetic details)
from the instrument made in Switzerland.
The various studies and the different tests of the processing methods have led Zambelli Handpan to a crystalline and melodic sound.
Our tools are resistant to wear, thanks to the processes and heat treatments to which we submit them during the manufacturing process.
The instrument has a diameter of 54 cm, is 28 cm high and has a weight of 3.9 kg.
To date we are satisfied with the work done, but our studies and research continue.

Zambelli Handpan Clear & Crystal Sound .